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Mehmet Oz

MD, Professor, Columbia University

"Genius Foods can help you reset your mental agility, cope with stress, battle brain fog, and even smack back dementia. What are you waiting for?"




Mark Hyman

MD, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine

The human brain doesn't come with an owner’s manual, but Genius Foods comes close—except that it's also fun to read, and written in a way that anyone can understand. Lugavere has done a great job of distilling the best-available evidence to fix or prevent a broken brain, while also bringing important new ideas to light

David Perlmutter

MD, Author, #1 New York Times bestseller Grain Brain and Brain Maker

Max Lugavere has magnificently accomplished the task of bringing the leading edge of brain science to the table—literally. Genius Foods rightly portrays what we choose to eat as representing the most influential decision we make in terms of brain function as well as resistance to disease. Lugavere empathetically guides the reader to dietary choices that will clearly pave the way for a better brain.

William Davis

MD, Author of the Wheat Belly series and Undoctored

Max Lugavere has pursued a personal mission to learn and educate others in the increasingly-concerning issue of dementia and cognitive decline. In Genius Foods, he has compiled the most masterful summary of nutritional science relevant to brain health that I have ever read. Heartfelt, readable, and real, Max shows us just how powerful someone with a mission can cut through the misinformation that characterizes conventional dietary advice and comes to conclusions that are unexpected and powerful. If you are interested in preventing cognitive decline and dementia, Max's book is an absolute must read.

Steven R. Gundry

MD, Medical Director, The Centers for Restorative Medicine, and author of the New York Times bestseller The Plant Paradox and Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution

Genius Foods is the result of pure genius, in the form of Max Lugavere! In one wonderfully readable book, Max has distilled usually hard-to-grasp scientific principles into a useable guide to everyday food and lifestyle choices that make maximizing your brain health (not to mention the rest of your body) an enjoyable and easy-to-accomplish daily feat. Take my advice and read this book!

Maria Shriver

Award-winning journalist and founder of The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement

Genius Foods breaks down and connects cutting-edge topics like dementia prevention and gut health with humor, optimism, and ample enthusiasm. Max Lugavere excels at making the complex subject of nutrition one that anyone can follow and apply in their own lives.

Ben Greenfield

Founder of Kion

At first I figured it would be another 'eggs, walnuts, and fish make you smarter' type of book, but instead, Genius Foods took a deep, deep dive into specific genes that affect intelligence and how to pair them with food, mouthwatering recipes for everything from liver to avocado-salmon bowls, and some very good, step-by-step tips for optimizing your personal environment to enhance cognition. It is a must read, with many pages folded over in my own copy.


Max and Paul

After his mother was diagnosed with a mysterious form of dementia, Max Lugavere put his successful media career on hold to learn everything he could about the workings of the human brain and his mother’s condition. For the better half of a decade, he consumed the most up-to-date scientific research, talked to dozens of scientists and clinicians around the world, and visited the country’s very best neurology departments.

Max has condensed his findings into this book

Max Lugavere and Dr. Paul Grewal

Dr. Paul Grewal is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician serving patients in the Upper East Side, New York, New York.  Dr. Grewal earned a Bachelor of Arts in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University. After graduating, he went on to study medicine at Rutgers, New Jersey Medical School. He completed his residency at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Hospital.

Dr. Paul was obese and realized his medical training provided an insufficient understanding of how to lose weight. He sought his own answers, eventually becoming an expert in nutrition and dropping 100 lbs for good.

Our Approach

This book is a joint project between journalist and doctor. It’s built on the latest research across medical disciplines. So the research is vetted, but also easy to understand. And easy to act on. 

Most books on diet are fads. They don’t approach what you eat with the proper scientific context and theory. The ones that do, don’t incorporate research outside of their field… and they read like medical journals. It’s almost impossible to apply their advice.

The research is clear: our brains haven’t evolved much. But our diets have — too much. 

Don't put your memory at risk.
It's too important.
“Dementia (Including Alzheimer’s Disease) can be prevented.”
Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (2014)
“Neuroprotective diets are associated with better cognitive function.”
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (2017)
“Improving diet is not simply to prevent… disease, but rather to optimize function throughout life.”
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics (2015)

What's In It For You?


  • Learn how to switch on "biochemical liposuction" to shrink your belly and grow your brain
  • Discover exercise techniques to cut your gym time down by 80%


  • Get more restful and rejuvenating sleep using specific foods linked with deeper sleep
  • Not one-sized-fits-all! Tailor fit your diet with a "Custom Carb Pyramid" and gene sidebars

The research is clear:

Our brains haven’t evolved much.
But our diets have — too much.

Learn what’s killing your brain at the supermarket and what to buy.
So you can think clearly. For life.